Club Training Runs

Before relying on the information below, it is always worth checking the calendar. We often run special events at different locations.

With any group run there will be people running at different paces. However, we cater for everyone’s ability; whatever the session we always re-group at regular intervals so that no one ends up on their own.

For example on interval sessions recovery time is spent regrouping or if we are out and about on the hills the faster paced runners will reach the hill tops first. When they do, they run down to meet the runners at the back and therefore they do an extra repetition.

It’s win-win all round as it’s extra training for the folk at the front and everyone ends up at the top of the hill at the same time!

Sunday morning runs

A run from the Brownhill centre, Uppermill.  The group starts at 10.00am so get there a little earlier to be on time. Sunday’s are a sociable run for all on tracks and trails through the Saddleworth area lasting approximately 2 hours. There is always something new to see, a different path to take or another runner to chat to.

Tuesday night training

This is the main club night. Several groups often run from a common start point.

During the winter months (mid September to mid April) Training generally takes place from Saddleworth Cricket Club, via Calf Lane. Greenfield, but check the calendar first. The group aims to start at 19:15pm. Dark nights means wear light clothing. Bring extra kit to keep warm.

Available runs:

Speed training……road runs to pick up the pace

Night Owls take to the fells…….Full bodycover, head torch and fell shoes necessary.

Gentlemen joggers……..Easy pace endurance runs. Road and trail

During the summer months (mid April to mid September) we usually meet at the Cross Keys pub in Uppermill (from 7:15pm) but we do also run out from different venues so it is always worth checking the calendar.

Wednesday night womens training

Women are very well represented at Saddleworth Runners and we have a really good mix of experience and ability, where new runners will be able to pick up lots of training tips.

Every Wednesday, we meet at 7pm at the entrance to the Tesco store on Chew Valley Road, Greenfield for a women's run. During the summer months, when the evenings are light, we run on the trails and fells around the area, however in winter we run on the road. We usually run for about an hour at a steady 10 min mile pace. We never leave anybody behind and we always re-group and allow everyone recovery time before we set off. The run usually includes some hills, however not everyone will choose to run uphill and some will walk. An example of a typical run would be to run up to Pots and Pans, the monument overlooking Greenfield. During the summer months, on the first Wednesday of each month, we meet at Binn Green car park above Dovestone Reservoir and run the various trails around and above the reservoir.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything you can email us at

Thursday night extra training

Various training options are occasionally available on Thursdays. Check the calendar or Facebook for details

Juniors training

None at present.