SRC Quality Sessions

Each week, at Tuesday training, there will be a “quality session” on offer. These are designed for members who want to improve their speed and fitness whether with a view to either racing or simply seeing an improvement in their own performance. These sessions will take a number of different formats such as hill reps, intervals, fartleks etc.

Throughout the winter when the club is based at Saddleworth Cricket Club the sessions will be based on the road and through the summer they will be on the hills.

Session plans for a number of our regularly run sessions can be found here:

Fartlek Session Plan

Greenfield Hills Session Plan

Ray’s Loops Session Plan

One Minute On One Minute Off Session Plan

Two Minutes On Two Minutes Off Session Plan

Tempo Session Plan

One Kilometre Reps Session Plan

Lydgate Hills Session Plan

Mossley Hills Session Plan

Greenfield Mile Reps Session Plan