Edale Skyline - Race Report

My first recorded running of the Classic Edale Skyline was back in 1986 were a then ok time of 03:19 brought me in 46th. I've ran the race many times since and it gets no easier. This year in particular brought about the biggest changes to the traditional route in many years. A new section added now takes you behind the back of Win Hill, with an extra stonking climb through the woods. The route is further changed along the much maligned Brown Knoll after Rushup Edge. This area is now totally flagged underfoot, some like it...The out and back bit to Grindslow Knoll is now omitted, so the race is around 21.5mi.

Alas I was the only Sadd on show today, though a couple of old boys (Paul Barrett and Chris Webb were running for their new Clubs) Cold but stunning conditions met the 364 entered runners at the village hall, many with far to many layers of clothing for what promised to be a hot one! 

After the initial climb up Ringing Roger this becomes a fast race round the surprising dry edge of Kinder, the new section to the bottom of Win Hill only adding to the recklessness of some. I was going ok, holding my own and generally passing people, but the sun was beginning to shine strongly and plenty of fluids required. The pull up Lose Hill came and went and then onto the Mam Tor Ridge. I usually get going by now on the second half of the race but felt a bit one paced today. 

I trotted onto Rushup Edge then damn! Flags are now laid right over Brown Knoll, notoriously boggy and where I usually pick up places. I really struggled on the flags actually losing the odd place, but managed to get going again after Edale Cross for a forward if not steady run back to Ringing Roger and the final descent to the field. Cramp was kicking in now and attempting to sprint in for a few final places was a bad move.

My aim today was to get under 4 hours, coming just outside at 4:05 and 121st, a little disappointing but still a good day out at this uber well organised event.